#2: Cheers in 4 languages: 16oz set of 4 Refresh Glasses, custom engraved bamboo magnet, hand written note, wrapped

$ 50.00

For corporate or employee gifts we have found a winning equation based on direct feedback from customers like you.  See what our packages uniquely combine at such a reasonable price point for custom products:

  • A way to get your contact info immediately accessible when looked for (magnet)
  • Tax deductible since your information is on the magnet in the kit
  • You can order 1 at a time, you dont need to order 10
  • Something that will make those gifted to feel special and important
  • Easy to order and track delivery
  • Fast turn around times
  • Gift wrapping and a hand written note create a beautiful experience opening
  • The family and inner circle will enjoy the products everyday too
  • Referrals come when people talk about you, how perfect is a memorable glass 
  • Earth friendly products and packaging

Buy one for a gift or many for your clients, friends, or family.  If part of a larger group or office please contact us about discount codes available with a certain number purchased per month.  

Refresh Glasses are shipped in custom packaging that shows our story, in sets of 4.  Each glass is created from a wine bottle that we collected from local bars and restaurants, working towards our 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission.  During our process the glasses are melted to create a smooth, even, rounded rim. The final step of our process stress relieves the glass so they are dishwasher safe and you can continue to enjoy using the glasses for years to come.   Don't be fooled by others who purchase bottles from the factory or wineries overstock (without helping the environment) or have rough and sharper sanded rims.   We pride ourselves on our rescue mission and quality.  

Every glass is inspected to ensure that they conform to our high production standards.  Since every wine bottle collected is unique, actual volume may vary slightly.  Dishwasher safe, just make sure you dump out the water in the punt so you dont get any on your feet =).

Mixed pack comes with at least 3 different colored glasses depending on availability.





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